Personal Life & Interests

Personal Life And Interests

  • In 2001, Dr. Hamad got married to Noor Khalifa Al Maslamani. She works as a Diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They have five sons, Mohammed, Khalifa, Jaber, Omar, and Majed.

  • Dr. Hamad is passionate about several activities such as scuba diving, bikes, cars, and arts, but scuba diving is very dear to his heart. Seeing the beauty of the sea helps him recharge and relieve pressures from daily life.

  • He started with a passion for diving in 2008 and is a certified scuba diver. In fact, he completed all 11 scuba diving certifications.

  • He is also passionate about the arts and culture. He was a part of the Qatar Fine Arts Society from 1999-2001 and participated in local exhibitions to display his artworks.

  • During his spare time, he always finds time to read books; he read the life story of Beethoven and Leonardo Da Vinci when he was in 5th grade. He is well-read and has a vast collection of books from Arabic Books and other international bestsellers.